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What you see is what you get: if it's not on this site, I don't have it; if it's not on the sites listed on the links page, I don't know where it is. Either way, if you're looking for a tab or chord chart, you'll have to look for it yourself. One place to look is the artist's official website—the link is next to each artist's name on this site. A few offer free transcriptions of their work. Some have a public message board on which you could post a request. You should also try web search engines such as Google. (Actually, that may be the best place to start.)

If you can't find the tab you're seeking in the above places, the only advice I can offer is: 1) place a request on the message boards and "wish lists" at the sites on my links page; 2) email and ask me to transcribe it. I keep a list. Generally I only tab songs that I personally am interested in learning, but I'm more likely to do songs for which I receive a lot of requests.

If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or Derek Webb song, please send it in to be shared here (plain text format please, i.e. not Microsoft Word). Maybe someday this will once again be the "complete" archive. You may send me transcriptions of other artists' songs, but I won't add them to the site. There are already a few comprehensive tab archives on the web (see the links page), and I recommend submitting your tabs to them. This site contains only my own work (with the exception of some Caedmon's tabs), as a free educational service to the guitarists of the internet community.

All suggestions for additions or improvements to the site are appreciated!


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