T-rev's Recommended Listening

The Khrusty Brothers - The Khrusty Brothers (Appalachian Mourntronica) - Hear me, I'm not saying this is "rap", but it's well known that Don Chaffer has always been intrigued by rap, and I believe this album is the result. He calls it "Mourntronica", and it is a bit something-tronica, but it's all Don Chaffer. You can sample three songs on MySpace, but the whole album (high quality 192 kbps MP3s) is well worth it. Also, if you don't already have his other three CDs, get them too. But he has really honed his craft, and this may be the best yet. (5/9/2007) Update: Khrusty Brothers is available for free at noisetrade. You have no excuse not to at least check out the samples. The newest Jill Phillips album is there too. (8/2/2008)

Jill Phillips - Writing On The Wall (Folk Rock) - Jill Phillips has become one of my favorites, and I think this is my favorite album of hers so far (which is saying something, as the others are great too). Her songs are both accessible and artful, the themes relevant, the view positive. Note that you can buy individual tracks if you prefer. I especially like "Wrecking Ball", "Leave It Up to You", "Grace And Peace", "Still Is My Soul", and the Pierce Pettis cover "God Believes In You". (5/9/2007)

Billy Sprague - The Wind & The Wave (Pop Folk) - See my description on a separate page. (4/30/2002)

Explanation - Why is this page here?

This page is here because I sometimes discover music so good that I want other people to hear it too. If you appreciate great music, this will point you to some.

So these aren't really album reviews. Album reviews would give a description and say what's good and bad about the music. I'm saving this page for music about which I only have good things to say. So many good things that I'm not even going to try to say most of them. I'm just saying, "Hey, do yourself a favor and get this CD."

But, taste in music is subjective, so how do you know you'll like the music I like? Well, my favorites tend to be--and many of these recommendations will be--folk-tinged. But I think many music lovers can appreciate quality in music across a broad stylistic spectrum. If that describes you, then you will appreciate the selections on this page, even if they don't fall within the genre to which you most often listen.

Also, if you like any of the songs and artists represented in the guitar tabs on this site, all of which I myself specifically picked to tab, then you'll probably like these albums. In fact, the inclusion of any song's transcription on this site implies some level of endorsement. (Though there is a difference between the music I most enjoy playing and what I most enjoy hearing.) But all the recommendations on this page will certainly be better than the average song that's tabbed elsewhere on this site.

In short, I'm not going to put good music on this page, only great music. Other music I consider great:

Waterdeep, especially Sink Or Swim; Don Chaffer, especially You Were At The Time For Love and What You Don't Know; Caedmon's Call, especially My Calm//Your Storm and 40 Acres; U2 Joshua Tree and All That You Can't Leave Behind; Harrod And Funck Live; The Beatles, especially Abbey Road and the White Album; Matt Jones Friend Or Shadow; Led Zeppelin, especially III; Peter Paul And Mary (especially live); Bebo Norman Fabric Of Verse; PFR, especially Great Lengths; 2nd Chapter Of Acts Roar Of Love; Paul Simon, especially Graceland; Simon And Garfunkel, especially Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Sounds Of Silence; Vigilantes Of Love, especially To The Roof Of The Sky; Sarah Masen self-titled; Weezer, the Blue Album; CSNY; Don Mclean American Pie (especially the slower songs); Audio Adrenaline Bloom; All Star United self-titled; Over The Rhine, especially Good Dog Bad Dog; The Eagles; Steve Miller Band; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Allman Brothers Band.

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