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Billy Sprague - The Wind & The Wave

I'm definitely a music person. I play music, I like music, I've heard a lot of it, I have broad tastes, and—for better and worse—I'm a pretty critical person, and pretty discriminating. In light of that, I just want to say that, all things considered, I've recently come to the decision that my overall favorite album is Billy Sprague's The Wind & The Wave. It had long been in my top 5-10, but I never could really pick a #1 before. (It's hard to pick just one, eh?) So now I just want to give my heartiest recommendation to this great album, for the benefit of those of you who haven't been blessed to hear it yet.

Musically it's middle of the road: not rock and roll, but very upbeat; folk influenced, but fairly produced. Just-right bass by Jimmy Lee Sloas on most tracks, some bgvs by Christine Dente of Out of the Grey... In all, quality stuff. And great melodic songwriting with fun but cutting lyrics. Here are a few excerpts:

"...'i pray your memories will not drag you down / not be anchors but treasures of the love that you found' / and his kind words turned hurt into healing somehow / and the wind in my sails to press on..." - press on

"...whatever happened to love / in a world full of tears well there's just not enough / and what became of a time / when a neighbor was anyone caught in a bind / what if love walked right in / would anyone recognize Him / whatever happened to love... // love is a Child / Peace is a light / and in time the Truth will tell / Hope has arrived / Love is alive / in the name Immanuel... love is alive and well..." - whatever happened to love

"...a day can be bright like a van gogh / and we all have rembrandt days of darker tones / but taken all together it's a wonderful life / remember the words Jesus left / in the world there will be trouble you can bet / but even old da vinci laughed when mona lisa said: // look at the time galloping past / it won't be long till we are safely home at last / look at the time / see how His love / carries our hearts / over the years / quick as a prayer when we're apart / see how His love / carries our hearts / and everything's alright or will be soon..." - mona lisa said

"...many are waiting and many must travel / someday we all will sail over the rim / for every hand on the helm hears the calling / some will be fishers and some...fishers of men // so drawing together and bowing our heads / for the ones who are sailing away / the journey is worth every danger we dread / so we stand by each other and pray // may your nets be filled / and your compass true / may the wind and the wave be your friend / may you stand the storm / and the hand of the Lord / bring you safely to harbor again..." - the blessing (of the fleet)

"...never doubt the truth of what you do not understand / the world is still so full of wonder / and even in the agony we're in the Father's hand / the world will turn around and little by little you come alive..." - the sacred journey

"...people need identity / but are satisfied with titles / they need true courage / but bravado looks sincere / people need a living God / but seem content with idols / people need a destiny / but settle for careers..." - when nothing's sacred

"...i saw a blind man today / nobody could see him / he stood alone in the crowd and swayed / no one had a reason to say // how is it you come to be here / well it's such a lovely afternoon / i'd really like to stop and cheer you / but there's too little time / and so much to do / ... / i read the news this morning / telling how the blind man died / then standing at the counter / i paid for my coffee and cried // i took a long walk today / will nobody miss him / i stood alone in the crowd and swayed / a man came up to listen, he said // how is it you come to be here / well it's such a lovely afternoon / i'd really like to stop and cheer you / i've a moment to spare / and i'm going your way..." - i saw a blind man

"...have you hugged an angel lately / good night, good night and please pass the ice cream // you are the best thing under the sun / no one like you since time was begun / you see the world in a different way / and always give it all you got / life is a curious kumquat...may / life is a curious kumquat...may // kumquat may, the Lord is near / kumquat may i say, dear / of all of the fruit on our family tree / you are the one i would pick // you are the best thing under the sun..." - kumquat may

All lyrics by Billy Luz Sprague, copyright 1993.

Probably some of my affection for this CD is just that: affection, a sentimental liking developed over time. But I do think I can state fairly objectively that it's an album of outstanding quality. As good as anything from Waterdeep, Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles—whatever—in my opinion. So check it out if you can find it. It was released in 1993 on the "Benson" label. You may be able to get it pre-owned from Crossing Music. Good luck!

Great album. I think I'll listen to it right now!

T-rev 4/30/2002

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