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This file is part of a collection that (moreso than the rest of the site) are not meant to be detailed or accurate transcriptions of the original recordings. They're just some simple chord charts that I made for my own use, some of them my own arrangements.
- T-rev

"MY HAPPINESS" by Elvis Presley
Written by Betty Peterson and Borney Bergantine
Transcribed by T-rev

This is the key and similar chords to the Elvis Presley
recording but with bridge chords closer to the 1963 version by
Connie Francis. My grandfather used to play an instrumental
version of this song on piano.

Evening shadows make me blue
When each weary day is through
              G7                   C
How I long to be with you, my happiness

Every day I reminisce
Dreaming of your tender kiss
                G7                 C   (C7)
Always thinking how I miss my happiness

	A million years it seems
	Have gone by since we shared our dreams
	But I'll hold you again
             A7         D7       G7
	There'll be no blue memories then

Whether skies are gray or blue
Any place on earth will do
                G7                    C    Fm  C
Just as long as I'm with you, my happiness

Transcribed 2022-04-25 by T-rev
More tab available at

133211 F
x32010 C
320001 G7
x32310 C7
xx0212 D7
x02020 A7
133111 Fm

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