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More songs by Waterdeep

This transcription is not my own work; it's from sco's old waterdeep.net fansite.


*** tab from www.waterdeep.net ***

TITLE: Sweet River Roll
ALBUM: To Chase Away the Birds
BAND: Waterdeep
written by Don Chaffer at 12:41 on 4/12/95
TABBED: Jeremy Meiss <jeremy@citynet.com>
        tweaked by sco <sco@waterdeep.net>


Am                      G
Homebound Henry's got a tumor in his head
             C                           D
He wakes up sweating every morning after dreaming he was dead.
           Am                              G
He used to think that life was boring, but now that's not the case.
         C                                     D
He turns to his wife in the evening, and says "Honey, I'm afraid
I'm gonna lose this race."

Sweet River, roll
C          GCD
all over me.
C               GCD
Sweet River, roll
C         GCD
all over me.

Soaking wet Juliet- she lives in a well full of tears.
Her husband left her for some bimbo after twenty-two years.
And she's gotta start all over, but she's just so terrified.
She thinks it woulda been so much easier if he woulda just died.


And I'm looking out my car window sittin in the pouring rain.
Although your house is fifteen miles away, I can still feel your pain.
I've thought and prayed and worked it through a hundred times or more
How your soul just cries to everyone to help you get up off the floor.

Right now it's morning. You're prob'ly sleeping, and I bet you're totally unaware
of the flood of kisses you hold back by the way that you despair.
It ain't me I'm talking bout here, or anybody else you can touch.
That's all the more I'll say right now. I don't wanna say too much.

(you can do this little ditty here if you want to:)


'cept Sweet Jesus, Roll
All over me.
Sweet Jesus, Roll
All over me.

(at the very end:)
Set me free...

<m_j_h@hotbot.com> writes:

Just wanted to let you know about some stuff I figured out about this
song: I'm quite positive that it's Am7 - Bm - C - D during the verse
(Bm instead of G).

Also the tabbed riff goes like this:


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